"Anne is a talented, engaging and personable artist who runs really enjoyable workshops and is always looking for new ideas to give her guests the best possible experience. It was great working with her at sea and to have her collaborating with our teams on other vessels as well."
Steve Jones
Chair – Antarctic Ambassadorship Committee
Director of Fundraising and Operations, ORCA (Organisation Cetacea)

Guests' Art Exhibition in the Olsen Art Studio,
Anne Corless; Art Instructor on M.S. Borealis May/ June. 2023
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

Anne Corless; Artist In Residence on M.S Borealis. Nov/ Dec 2023.
Seen here in the Botanical Room.  Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

Anne Corless, plein-air painting on board MS Balmoral, Olden, Norway.  2022.  Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

Visit Anne Corless Art Journeys (www.artjourneys.co.uk); the website that showcases Anne's travels as an artist.  An experienced art educator and demonstrator, Anne gives lectures on art and illustration, teaches on art holidays and travels the world as an Art Instructor and Artist in Residence on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

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